“Kindern zu helfen gibt Dir den Kick” Standardwerk zur Bekämpfung von Noma Ein Neues Kinderhaus für Guinea-Bissau

Dear Friends and Supporters,

I’m pleased to welcome you to our Web site, where you’ll find information about noma and our work to fight against this malicious disease.

We’ve accomplished a lot since the founding of the organization in 1994. Several thousand children with noma mainly from Niger and Guinea-Bissau have been treated by us.

Our education and prevention activities, such as vaccinations and support against malnourishment, have let us witness a drastic drop in the long-term damage caused by noma.

For the latest information about our work please check out our Facebook page. You do not have to be registered at Facebook to be able to see our posts there. Thank you for your support!

Ecovis Noma-001

Sincerely yours unterschrift winkler-stumpfPresident of Hilfsaktion Noma e.V.

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