In the name of the children: Many thanks to all who help!

Throughout Germany, about 500 people are members of the organization and support our work with an annual contribution of only 15 euros. Much more important than this financial support is the help of members, who spread the news about the organization’s work in their communities. This can happen through media coverage as well as informational booths at events.

Every year, our work in the children’s houses and the clinics in Niger as well as in Guinea-Bissau is threatened because we need donations to keep things running. Members are invited annually to the General Assembly in Regensburg and are informed regularily by the information brochure “Noma Aktuell” about our work. We would be pleased to welcome you as a member of the Hilfsaktion Noma e.V.. The annual membership fee of 15 euros will be debited from your account. You may withdraw the declaration of agreement at any time.

Please send us back, by mail or fax, the completed declaration of accession which be downloaded by clicking on the word declaration of accession. Our statutes also can be downloaded by clicking on the word statutes.